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About our Hosting


We use cPanel and Plesk hosting platforms running on Linux and Windows operating systems utilizing industry standard software such as Apache, MySQL, PHP, Dovecot, and Exim.


All our servers are hosted in the UK datacentres with the exception that some DNS only servers are located in Canada for geographic redundancy.


Security is a prime concern so we ensure that all our systems and servers run only the latest supported operating systems and software and these systems are regularly inspected and patched against known vulnerabilities.

Our systems are configured to be secure by default and adhere to the principles of industry authorities and standards such as ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS

We employ firewalls and intrusion detection systems to minimize the risk of security breaches from brute force attacks and other internet borne exploits.

We regularly test the security of our systems by employing remote penetration testing against known vulnerabilities and perform automated and real-time file scanning for known viruses and web exploits.


Encryption for transport of email and web traffic is available using TLS/SSL dependent on configuration by the client. Files hosted within client accounts, including email mailboxes and other databases are not stored in encrypted form.


We regularly backup all active hosting accounts and system data to ensure availability in the event of accidental loss or disaster recovery situations.


We employ technical and security professionals to maintain and develop our systems and security infrastructure, and to review and develop our security policies.

Data Processing

We will only act in accordance with your documented instructions and we assure you of our commitment to maintaining a high level of security. We will assist you in meeting your regulatory obligations with respect to the data we process on your behalf. We promise to respect your rights and expectations on confidentiality of data.

Use of Sub Processors

We regularly conduct assessments of the processes and contracts with our data centre hosting partners to ensure they comply with the necessary regulatory requirements.

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