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All you need to know.


What is hosting?

Web hosting gives you the facility to publish your web pages onto the Internet, and allow visitors to access your site from a domain name such as We also provide (unlimited) email packages, so you can accept email at your domain name and collect it from an email program such as Microsoft Outlook Express. (Detailed instructions available)


Will I need web hosting?

If you have a site created or intend on creating a web site for your domain name then the answer is yes you will require web hosting.


Do I get email with my web hosting?

Yes! We offer unlimited email forwarding or unlimited pop3 accounts with all our web hosting packages (excludes personal account for individuals or charities.)


Do I need a Linux or Windows hosting package?

Linux hosting is preferred option for most web designers; however, in some cases Windows hosting may be required for specific technologies such as ASP or .NET. If in doubt check with your web designer or Contact Us.


What If I just want to use my domain for email?

No Problem! You can choose to set up an email forwarding account, this option can also be used for pop3 accounts. An email forwarding package is unlimited and therefore you can have as many accounts or forwarders as you desire.


How much disk space do I need for my hosting package?

Your web designer will be able to tell you how much disk space your site will take up and take into account sufficient space for email.


How do I transfer files to my web site?

You must have an FTP Client. (Such as FileZilla or Dreamweaver). We provide more in-depth documentation/information on this in the control center. Also links to download free software.


How long does it take to set up a new account?

Once payment has been made, we can have your account set up immediately, but your domain name will not become active until it has fully transferred or fully propagated.


Do I have to pay to transfer my domain to you?

No, there is no charge to transfer a domain away from KT nor do we charge a fee to transfer a domain in to us. When an International domain, such as a .com, .net, .org, .biz, .mobi, .info. .name or .tel is transferred in, the registry adds on a further year to the renewal date. This is the only additional fee added on. Please view our price list.


I want to move my domain name to KT Hosting, What is the procedure?

You can transfer in your domain from the ordering page, just enter in your domain and we’ll do it for you.


How will I collect my email?

You can use software such as: Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Thunderbird or others.


What methods of payment does KT Hosting accept?

We accept cheques, credit/debit cards, bank transfers. For further info please contact us.

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